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Poker FAQ

The FAQ's are these that follow below:

I've never played Texas Holdem before but would like to join. What is the way to start playing online?
You should not worry because you are on the right place! In our site you will find everything that is necessary to be learned for Texas Holdem. It is recommended to start with some description of the game and to become familiar with its rules and orders of playing. The tips and strategies will be useful for you to become good Texas Holdem poker player.

What do you think a poker tournament is?
A poker tournament is a contest in which poker players compete for all or part of an attractive prize pool. It is the place where the best players can be seen. Each player pays an affiliation fee and initial buy-in for a set of tournament chips. The chips are non-negotiable, having no cash value except at the end of the tournament, when you get cash for your chips. The game finishes when all but one or a few participants are busted. The the final winners share the prize pool between themselves in accordance to the tournament rules. With time the games stakes grow bigger to hasten the tournaments end.

What is the meaning of the following terms to check, call, raise, and fold?
To check means to pass on betting keeping yourself in the hand to call, raise or fold after other players act. If you decide to call you have to match a player's bet with even money. To raise means to place a bet, which is larger than a bet already placed on the table. Notice that the raise must be greater than or equal to the bet being called. When a poker player decide to fold, he chooses to throw his hand away.

Can you tell me what does burning a card mean?
When the Flop, The Turn, and the River are being dealt the dealer should take the top card off the deck and remove it from the game without any player seeing it. This act called 'Burning a card' protects against deceiving or accidentally seeing the cards.

In order to psyche-out my opponents is it possible to show my hole cards to them before the showdown ?
There are different rules in the different houses and for that reason this act depends entirely on the rules of the house. At some of the most famous poker rooms and home games this is allowed. But have in mind that in other places would instantly call the hand dead and would make the player fold. So be sure that you know the rules of the certain casino or poker room.

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