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Poker Betting

Betting is started after 2 cards (pocket cards) are dealt face down to each player. The next 3 cards (flop cards) are then dealt. A round of bets. The 4th board card (turn card) is dealt and another round of betting ensues. The 5th and final card, the river card, is dealt, after which the betting resumes. When all bets are done, the showdown takes place between the remaining players. The winner is declared from the showdown.

For Example:
If there are no 'bets' toward you (i.e. It has been is 'checked' towards you by another player)
You can either: 'Bet' or 'Check'

Bet: You can place a bet on the table. Now all other players must 'call' your bet by placing the same amount of money in the pot, if not, they must 'fold'.

Check: You have the option not to put any money into the pot. Also, if no one else bets, then the game will continue and everyone that did not 'fold' is still in the hand. However, if someone else decides to bet, then you have another choice to make...
If there is a bet towards you
You can 'Fold', 'Call', or 'Check'.

Fold: You do not place any more money in the pot; however, you are now out of this hand and you cannot win any money. In addition, any money that you have already placed into the pot up to this point is gone.

Call: You can place money into the pot which equals the amount that has been 'bet' so far. You will, however, stay in the hand. Play will continue and the next card will be dealt so long as no one else raises. (If there are no more cards, then there is a showdown)

Raise: You place money into the pot which is equal to the amount that has been 'bet' so far, and you 'bet' more money. Now, all the other players can either 'call' your 'raise' or 'fold'. They can, however, 're-raise' you.

At the simplest level, the decision to call on an opponent's bet should be made according to whether or not you can expect to make money by calling in certain situations in the long run. Remember, anything can happen in a single deal; the question is whether it would be more profitable to call every time or fold every time if the same situation arose a thousand times.

Here are a couple key principles that you should remember while playing:
Don't always bet the same way with the same kind of hand.
Use deception, such as slow playing very good hands, is common and can be expected from most players.
If you think you have the opponent beat now but the opponent can still outdraw you, make it as expensive as possible for the opponent to stay in.
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